Une veste spéciale - the story

Une veste spéciale (French) -  "a special jacket"

This is a "special" jacket because it's the very first style from owner, and designer Nikolai Nalu.

The jacket was designed in 2011 in Bredgade, Copenhagen, where Nikolai had rented a space at the international advertising agency, Reputation.


The jacket is made with cow leather, and has a fairly large hoodie sewn into the neck. At first, Nikolai wanted to make the hood removable, but it was difficult to construct it in a way where it wouldn't risk irritating the side of the neck of the person wearing it, plus Nikolai liked the jacket to actually have the hoodie, so why make it removable.

Today, Nikolai Nalu is considering an updated version with small changes, including a version without thee hoodie.

When Nikolai Nalu designed the jacket, it was ment for his first brand ROCK 'N' ROLL PEOPLE which he launched that same year. ROCK 'N' ROLL PEOPLE was created as kind of a spin off from Nikolai's "The Rock And Roll Magazine", which he launced in 2007. That magazine was based on edgy photo sessions with celebrities of all kind. Today both activities (Fashion and photos / interviews), are under the same name, ROCK 'N' ROLL PEOPLE. 

As Nikolai launched "THE BALLET IN PARIS" and "HOMME HOMME PARIS", Nikolai felt that the jacket fits better under the HOMME HOMME PARIS brand, and that it will allow ROCK 'N' ROLL PEOPLE to be a bit more limitless in terms of design boundaries.

The jacket was designed to be timeless, and live forever, was designed from a European mind frame, which make the fit with HOMME HOMME PARIS perfect.

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